Matheran Hill Station Review: Best Time To Visit & Things To Do In Matheran

Matheran Hill Station Review: Best Time To Visit & Things To Do In Matheran

  • Matheran Hill Station is located in Maharashtra.
  • I came here on tour in December 2019 with my family.
  • However our tour started from Ahmedabad.
  • This Hill Station is so beautiful and scenic that if you go to talk about it, half a day is spent relaxing.
  • Today I will share with you my own Matheran Hill Station experience.
  • So let us know the Review of Matheran Hill Station, its beauty and atmosphere, sights in Matheran, Matheran images, which is the best time to visit Matheran? and much more.

1) Introduction of Matheran hill station

  • Matheran Hill Station is 530 km from Ahmedabad and 90 km from Mumbai.
  • Matheran is a small village inhabited mostly by Marathi people.
  • Matheran village is very famous all over India due to its Matheran hill station, Railway and some sights.

2) Points/Things To In Matheran Hill Station

  • The details of the places given below are in Matheran and whenever you visit Matheran Hill Station, you must visit these places and you will have a lot of fun.

1. Matheran Hill railway
2. Louisa Point
3. Heart point
4. One Three point
5. Echo point
6. Alexander point
7. Matheran waterfall
8. Lords point
9. Chowk point

3) My journey of Matheran hill station

  • We started our journey to Matheran from Lonavala city, as our hotel was there.
  • Matheran is only 50 kilometers from Lonawala.
  • And this is a hill station, so its height is very high.
  • They(tourism department) also gave us food as we went on a Matheran tour, as “it is not advisable to come down for lunch after climbing very high.”
  • There are also good facilities to reach the top of the hill station.
  • The road to the hill station is also very nice and the soil there is reddish in color, Both side of the road is a forest area.
  • You can use the train, horse, loader or mule to reach the hill station.
  • But when we went there, the train was closed as the maintenance work of the railway was going on.
  • We people had no idea that we would have to cross 4 or 5 kilometres to reach this hill station.
  • So we started walking towards this hill station but you would not make such a mistake at all, Because we had no idea how high this hill station was.
  • But the advantage of reaching the hill station on foot is that along the way you can enjoy beautiful fun photography and videography.
  • If you are fond of photography or have done photography and videography for pre wedding, I will suggest you this place.
  • However, after reaching the hill station, we took a horse ride to see around some of the places.
  • Matheran Hill Station is a place with a truly beautiful climate, beauty and a true identity of nature.

4) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Atmosphere – 10/10

Price(Value for money) – 8/10

Enjoyment – 9.5/10

Food – 7.8/10

Overall Experience – 9.8/10

5) Conclusion

  • The best time to visit Matheran is November-December or Monsoon season.
  • And especially if you want to get around the hill station in a systematic way, you have to spend all day from morning to evening.
  • So you can take advantage of photography, videography, ‘train, mule and horse riding‘ as well as other attractions.

If you too have been to this Hill Station or you would like to say something about this Hill Station you can necessarily describe your valuable opinion here.

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