Monginis Cake Review - Must Try These Best Cakes And Pastries From Monginis!

Monginis Cake Review – Must Try These Best Cakes And Pastries From Monginis!

  • Whenever a person’s Birth Day comes, we are taking cake to celebrate the Birth Day.
  • But where to bring the cake?, bring the kind of cake, chocolate or pastry? All these questions are throwing the minds of people’s minds in the previous day of the Birth Day.
  • So let us solve all these questions by this article. So let’s know about the old and well-known Brand, Monginis!
  • And as well as the Review And Rating of the Monginis cake, chocolate and pastries and which special cakes that you should buy from Monginis for Birth Day Celebrations.

1) Introduction Of Monginis

  • Monginis Cake was started from a normal shop in Mumbai.
  • Hussein Khorakiwala in 1958 started from Mumbai for the first Monginis cake shop. However, this Company has more than about a 1000+ store.
  • And you will be surprised to know that according to the recent survey, Monginis is a 648th trustful brand in India.
  • Monginis company does not sell cake only, with it-with they also create different types of snacks like samosa, pastries, chocolates, cutlasses.
  • In the present time you can also work on joining the Monginis company, such as the

Super Stockiest

– As a distributor

Manufacturing Process Of Cake


2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Quality – 9.8/10

Taste – 9.5/10

Price (Value for money) – 7/10

Quantity – 8/10

Overall Experience – 9.2/10

3) Special Cake And Pastries That You Should Taste Definitely From Monginis.

Best Chocolates

Choco Marvel

Choco rocks

Splendor collection

Dry fruit rocks

Best Cakes

Midnight delight cake

Alpine rocks cake

Black forest heart shape cake

Blueberry cheese cake

Grape Orange cake

Mango Kesar cake

Davils Delight premium cake

Best Pastries

Fresh fruit prem pastry

Rainbow pastry

Red velvet cheese pastry

4) About Monginis Company

Brand NameMonginis
TypePrivate Company
FounderHussein Khorakiwala
First BranchMumbai(India)
No. Of Stores1000+

5) My Opinion On Monginis

  • Hindus living in India mostly eat cake without eggs.
  • So the whole egg less cakes and pastries are made for the customer by this company.
  • In our friend circle, we often give more preference to monginis to take cakes when someone has a birthday.
  • I really enjoy eating Monginis cake.
  • But I think until their cake comes a little expensive.
  • So I believe that if the managers of this company reduce the price of cakes a little, then everyone will be attracted to the monginis shop to buy cakes!

If you have also taken the taste of Monginis cake or you also want to say something about the Monginis company, you can also express your valuable opinion here.

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