Ran Ki Vav(Patan)/Queen's Stepwell Review - Best Example Of Architecture Structure

Ran Ki Vav (Patan) Image, Ticket, Timing: Updated in 2022

  • Ran Ki Vav(The Queen’s Stepwell) of Patan, which is a World Heritage Site and is many years old and famous, is something special.
  • The only good example for architecture structure in the world is The Queen’s Stepwell of Patan.
  • Ran ki vav, which is almost thousands of years old, was built by Queen Udaymati.
  • So let’s know the history of Patan’s Rani Ki Vav (The Queen’s Stepwell), Sculptures, Story, artefacts, unique steps, architecture structure, review, rating, price, attraction and much more …

1) Introduction/ Histroy/ Story of Ran ki Vav patan

  • It is said that Ran Ki Vav(patan) was created by Queen Udayamati in memory of a king named Bhima I.
  • And it had been almost 20 years since this StepWell was made and then Queen Udayamati died prematurely.
  • From then on, the entire work of The Queen’s Stepwell was completed by Karna.
  • This Place has more than a thousand mythological and old secondary sculptures.
  • Apart from this, there are more than 480+ different types of sculptures in this stepwell.
  • The Queen’s Stepwell is so famous that his history questions are also asked in exams like UPSC.
  • This article will be very important for those who are preparing for UPSC exam or want to take this exam in future!

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Architecture – 10/10

Artifacts – 9.8/10

Atmosphere – 9.1/10

Cleanliness – 9/10

Enjoyment – 8/10

Overall Experience – 8.8/10

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3) Full Information, Price and Attractions Of Ran Ki Vav Patan

NameRan Ki Vav
Known AsThe Queen’s Stepwell
Located AtPatan, Gujarat
Created ByQueen Udaymati
Duration Of Build20 Years
Area4.68 Hactor
Attractions>1000+ mythological &
secondary sculptures
>480+ sculptures
Price5/- (For Indians)
2 USD (For Foreigners)

4) Some Unknown Facts Of Ran Ki Vav Patan

  • The The Queen’s Stepwell, which is years old and has artefacts, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014.
  • Very few people will know that this StepWell is located on the banks of the river Saraswati.
  • The best example of utilizing ground water we get from this StepWell.
  • Thousands of years old artefacts, sculptures and StepWell are maintained in a very systematic manner by the Gujarat Government.
  • This StepWell is divided into a total seven steps and the length, width and depth of the seven steps are Different.
  • Ran ki Vav(patan) is also known as The Queen’s Stepwell (because this StepWell was created by Queen Udayamati).

5) My Opinion on Ran ki Vav (Patan)

  • There are a lot of people in the world studying architecture from a very good university, but let me tell them that the best example in the world of architecture is this The Queen’s Stepwell.
  • So before going anywhere else, you should visit The Queen’s Stepwell of Patan once.
  • And I have also visited the StepWell of Patan about two-three times.

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