Delicious Best Vadapav in Ahmedabad

Extra Ordinary Best Vadapav in Ahmedabad in just 30/- for 2021

Alright, so let me ask you something! What’s the best go-to nibble popular in Mumbai? The response to this inquiry is clearly Mumbai Vadapav! Furthermore, subsequent to hearing the name Vadapav, there’s an abrupt shimmer in our eyes as such a dish can’t be stood up to. Likewise, at whatever point your stomach is biting the dust of appetite, one of your companions would abruptly say, “Yaar, bau j bhukh lagi che, chal ne Vadapav khava jaia.” And then, at that point you would resemble, “What are you sitting tight for?” for these little critical minutes and a home base tidbit, we have various spots for Vadapav in Ahmedabad, to visit with your companions and to taste various kinds of Vadapav. Accordingly, gorge at these spots with your companions and furthermore keep in touch with us about your experience.

Best Vadapav in Ahmedabad 2021

There are several places Richie’s very wonderful to eat Vadapav; However I have just found amazing and magnificent place to eat and enjoy Vadapav in Ahmedabad.
I know that if I asking you that which is the best place for Vadapav, then you may say about Jay Bhavani and so on…
But the best place for Vadapav in Ahmedabad is located in Ankur Char Rasta. And the name this shop is “Kaka Na Vadapav”.
This shop in extremely popular near Ankur amd some other circumstances areas.
However me and my friend were wandering at that time and we were extremely hungry at that time. Eventually we found this best shop.
Here the noteworthy thing is that this shop is  spread over only in 10 square meter.
This uncle serve Vadapav with fried chilly 😋

Price list of Kaka Na Vadapav

Oil Vadapav: 30
Butter Vadapav: 40

Address: Kaka Na Vadapav, Ankur Char Rasta, Ahmedabad

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