Indroda Natural Park (Gandhinagar): Biggest Park in Gandhinagar - Indroda Natural Park

Indroda Natural Park Tickets and Timing in 2022

1) Indroda Natural Park(Gandhinagar) History and Location

  • Indroda Nature Park (INP) is the biggest Natural park in Gandhinagar. Indroda Natural park covers a total area of 400 hectares. Indrada Park is about 50 years old.

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2) What to see in Indroda Natural Park(Gandhinagar) ?

Indroda Natural Park (Gandhinagar): Biggest Park in Gandhinagar – Indroda Natural Park
  • In many parks, only gardens and fruit-flowers can be seen, but in this Indroda Natural Park, along with the garden, there are years-old fossils of predators like dinosaurs, eggs and many other things.
  • At the same time, Indroda Natural Park Zoo has also been set up where various animals like lions, panthers, leopards, tigers and various birds like cockatiels, parrots and peacocks can be seen.
  • In this way, Indroda Natural Park is very famous for its zoo and old relics and for its gardens and deciduous trees and not only that, it is because of this Indroda Natural Park that the beauty of Gandhinagar has flourished.

3) How to reach Indroda Natural park (Gandhinagar)?

Ahmedabad to Indroda Park
Gandhinagar to Indroda Park
Sarkhej to Indroda Park
Balaji Agora to Indroda Park
Book a bus on GSRTC

Indroda Natural Park (Gandhinagar) Timing and Ticket Price in 2022

Timings to visit Indroda Natural Park: 

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Entry Fee for visit Indroda Natural Park:

For Small Children: Free entry for children below 5 years
For Children (5 – 12 years): INR 10
For Adults (Above 12 years): INR 20
For Students(in group): INR 5

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