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Patang Hotel Ahmedabad – Review, Food, Menu, Facts, Contact Number – Revolving Hotel

Today I will tell you a review of Ahmedabad’s famous Patang Hotel, Its Food, Menu & Prices, Contact Number, Attractive & Unattractive Things Of Patang Hotel.

1) Introduction

  • Have you eaten at the ‘Patang Hotel’ which rotates on its axis at a height of 221 feet?
  • Today we are going to talk about famous hotel, not only in Ahmedabad but “All over Gujarat!”

2) Menu & Price


  • Tomato broth with veggie pasta soup
  • Thai pumpkin soup
  • corn papper ball
  • Plum chilly banana
  • Fresh green salad
  • Greek salad
  • Macaroni with fruit mayo salad
  • Baked pasta
  • Thai noodles
  • Dal tadaka
  • Masala pulao
  • Awadhi paneer
  • Subz makhana
  • Makai palak dhingri
  • Hariyali Kofta
  • Assorted Indian sweets
  • Assorted bakery desserts
  • Three types of ice-cream with sauces


Monday To Saturday:-

Lunch(Adult) = 635/- Lunch(Children – 3 to 10 years) = 499/-

Monday To Friday:-

Dinner(Adult) = 800/- Dinner(Children – 3 to 10 years) = 650/-


Dinner(Adult) = 935/- Dinner(Children – 3 to 10 years) = 750/-


Lunch & Dinner(Adult) = 935/- Lunch & Dinner(Children) = 750/-

Contact No. = +91 79265 86200

3) Special Patings By Reviews Duniya

Service -9/10

Food Quality – 5.6/10

Value For Money – 8/10

Atmosphere – 9.5/10

Overall Experience – 8.5/10

4) Uninteresting/Unattractive Things Of Patang Hotel

  • The building of the Patang Hotel is very old so the hotel looks very nice from the inside but it is “essential to repair it from the outside.”
  • When I was went in a kite hotel a 1-2 year ago, I thought it was okay to eat at a hotel, so I didn’t have much fun.
  • Hotel management is very good in matters like hotel staff and service but “I think they should pay a little more attention to the taste of their food.”
  • The price of a meal at a patang hotel is much higher than a normal hotel.
  • The hotel does not provide meals as per the price of the meal

5) Attraction Of Patang Hotel

  • The waiters at the Patang Hotel and the service they provide are wonderful.
  • The dining table, chairs, furniture, glass and interior side of the patang Hotel are all amazing.
  • You have to climb about 221 feet from elevator to get to the Patang Hotel.
  • The Patang Hotel rotates on its axis in about an hour, which is the ‘biggest feature of the Patang Hotel.’

6) Facts

  • The Patang Hotel is owned by the Nilkanth Group, and several Nilkanth Group hotels are located in Ahmedabad and other major cities.
  • You can’t go to eat at the Patang Hotel, you have to book about two-three days in advance to eat there!
  • The Patang Hotel is considered to be the only hotel in Gujarat which is the only hotel that moves at an altitude of 221 feet and provides meals at the same time!

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