Shanku Waterpark Price And Ticket - Latest Shanku Waterpark Mehsana Price List 2020

Shanku Waterpark Price And Ticket 2022 – Latest Shanku Waterpark Mehsana Price List 2022

1) Shanku Water Park Location, History and Rides

  • Gujarat’s most famous water park is Shanku Water Park which is located in Mehsana, Gujarat.
  • It has been 26 years since this water park started in 1994 and was completed today. (Till 2020)
  • There are different types of rides for people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
  • This water park is fully equipped with high rides, Rounding rides, bouncing waves of water, Dance with water in a variety of songs, separate rides for children, play zone

2) Status of Shanku Waterpark in Corona 2022

  • The water park, which was hit by the recent Corona epidemic, was closed on March 21, 2020.
  • However, the waterpark was opened on October 25, 2020 with only 10 rides.
Shanku Waterpark Price And Ticket – Latest Shanku Waterpark Mehsana Price List 2020
  • But the condition of Corona is breathtaking, so most people do not go to the waterpark, so during Corona period only 15 to 20 people used to go to shanku waterpark on average.(Via Telephonic Inquiry)

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3) Latest Price and Timing of Shanku Water park 2022

  • As the Corona epidemic is currently raging, a telephonic inquiry has revealed that Shanku Waterpark currently has a ticket for Rs 800 per person and the timing of Shanku Waterpark is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However the timing and price of the Shanku waterpark when the corona epidemic is over is as follows.


650/- (Mon-Fri)

750/- (Sat-Sun)


Gents/Ladies – 100/- + 100/-(Deposit)

Locker – 200/- + 100/-(Deposit)

Towel – 50/- + 100/-(Deposit)

Timing –

10 AM to 5:30 PM


  • Here are the prices of the Shanku water park as well as the resort, but now that the Corona epidemic is going on, the price of the resort of the Shanku water park has slightly increased, which you will have to get from their official site.

Generally speaking, the room price of Shanku Water Park Resort is as follows:


Check in 12 PM / Check out 10 AM

Price For Courage Room – 3,336/-

Price For Deluxe Room – 3,503/-

Price For MUGHAL Cottage – 3,503/-

Price For Deluxe Cottage – 5,088/-

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