Amul Milk Review: Is it good to use Amul Milk? Which is the best milk of Amul company?

Amul Milk Review: Is it good to use Amul Milk? Which is the best milk of Amul company?

  • About 90% of the people living in India start morning food with Amul milk.
  • This Amul’s milk is used in many ways, such as in making tea or coffee, in baby milk powder, chocolate, ice cream, etc.
  • Amul company has released many types of milk for its customers.
  • Due to which sometimes the common man is necessarily thrown into confusion.
  • This is because the emergence of 8 to 10 different varieties of any one thing confuses people and at the same time raises the price of milk.
  • So in this situation it is important to know whether Amul’s milk is really drinkable or not? Which of the following varieties of Amul milk is suitable?
  • So let us know the Review, Rating, Price, Specifications of Amul company Milk, Is Amul milk really drinkable or not?

1) Why Amul Milk is so famous?

  • Amul is a company that is about more than 70 years old, and for the last many decades, the people of India have been drinking only Amul’s milk.
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  • Amul Company makes milk as well as many other products which are very;

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  • According to a newspaper report, Amul’s Milk sells about 20 lakh liters of milk a day.

2) Which milk of Amul company is the best?

  • Amul Company has released milk not only for humans but also for animals.
  • Here is information about different types of milk of this company:
  1. Desi A2 Cow Milk

2. Cow milk

3. Gold

4. Shakti

5. T- Special

6. Taaza

7. Chai Maza

8. Slim trim milk

9. Diamond

10. Buffalo milk

Best Amul Milk :- Amul Gold

  • We use Amul Gold for our home.
  • Personally I think as far as Amul Company is concerned, there should not be various types of milk for people like us (middle class).
  • Because after drinking different types of milk, I don’t feel much difference in its taste.
  • Thus selling different types of milk at different prices can only reduce the value of the company.
  • And I personally don’t like this thing at all.

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Taste – 9/10

Quality – 9/10

Quantity – 9.8/10

Healthy – 7/10

Price (Value for money) – 8.3/10

Overall Experience – 8.7/10

4) Specifications of Amul Milk

(Specification given here is for Amul Gold Milk)

Name Amul GOLD Milk
Size500 ml
Total Fat6 gm
Total Carbohydrate5 gm
Energy86.4 kcal
Protein3.2 gm
Calcium108 mg
Use within48 hrs from the date

5) My Opinion On Amul’s Milk

  • As mentioned above, different types of milk are made by the company by making partial changes in Amul’s milk, although in the test all the milk looks the same.
  • If you find Amul’s milk expensive, you can also get milk from other dairies near your home.

If you also want to say something about amul’s milk or you want to say something new about this company, you can also write your valuable opinion here.

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