[Review]Sapteshwar Mahadev Temple: Center of faith for the devotees of Mahadev in Himmatnagar!

[Review]Sapteshwar Mahadev Temple: Center of faith for the devotees of Mahadev in Himmatnagar!

  • On 14th August 2020, I had to go to Vaktapur village.
  • The temple of Sapteshwar Mahadev is located at a distance of only 22 to 25 km from Vaktapur village.
  • However Sapteshwar Mahadev is a temple of many years old and famous.
  • Every year on the day of Janmashtami, thousands of people come to this Sapteshwar temple to pay obeisance to Lord Mahadev.
  • However, there is a big difference between the previous Sapteshwar Mahadev temple and the current one, so if you want to go to Sapteshwar, you need to get some proper information before going there.
  • So today I will give you information about Sapteshwar Mahadev, the surrounding environment and the river there in a beautiful and systematic way.
  • So let us know the Review, Rating, River, Atmosphere, Things to do in Sapteshwar, Contact Number, Photos of Sapteshwar Mahadev temple in Himmatnagar.

1) Quick summary

Place Sapteshwar Mahadev
Things to do in SapteshwarLord Mahadev Temple
Beautiful Waterfall
What is bad in Sapteshwar?Garbage
Is this place worth visiting?80% (Yes)
Distance From – 1) From Ahemedabad
2) From Himmatnagar
3) From Rajkot
4) From Surat
5) From Abu
1) 91 km
2) 29 km
3) 303 km
4) 357 km
5) 142 km
Official websiteSapteshwar.com
Contact Number97254 68197
Annual Visits2,00,000+

2) My Journey at Sapteshwar Mahadev Temple

  • On 15th August 2020, I left Vaktapur village with my family to go to Sapteshwar Mahadev.
  • The public, meanwhile, was less concerned about the ongoing Corona global epidemic.
  • Sapteshwar Mahadev is a beautiful, old and famous temple of Lord Mahadev and at the same time there is a river, but the river has not had water for the last few years.
  • The river is not flooded as the gates of the dam in front of the river are not open, the environment in front of Sapteshwar Mahadev is very dirty(due to garbage).
  • There is a narrow way to go inside Lord Mahadev’s temple, this way is such that “only one person can go in or out of here at any one time.”
  • And the biggest surprise here is that the water from the temple is always flowing automatically.
  • Often due to heavy rains and opening of the dam gates, so much water comes here that the temple of Sapteshwar Mahadev is covered with water.

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Holyness – 10/10

Atmosphere – 7/10

Enjoyment – 9/10

Cleanliness – 5/10

Price (Value for money) – FREE

Overall Experience – 8/10

4) Beautiful waterfall and pleasant atmosphere

  • A small waterfall was flowing after covering a distance of one hundred meters after visiting the temple.
  • The fun of photography in front of a waterfall is different here.
  • The fun of listening to the sound of a waterfall with your eyes closed for two minutes is very supernatural.
  • If you come here for a walk with the group, it will be a lot of fun to swim in the water.
  • By the time I went to Sapteshwar Mahadev, a group of 10-12 people were playing volleyball in the water, many people were racing in the water and some people were enjoying swimming in the water.

5) My Opinion On Sapteshwar Mahadev

  • It was a lot of fun to see Lord Mahadev in front of Sapteshwar Mahadev and bathe in the water and even more fun was photography.
  • The whole atmosphere was very nice, but because there was no water in the river, a “lot of people were throwing rubbish and useless things there, this thing I didn’t like at all.”
  • I request the Gujarat government to pay some attention to this matter.
  • The rest of Sapteshwar Mahadev is very beautiful and a center of faith for the devotees.

If you too have gone to Sapteshwar Mahadev or you want to say something about Sapteshwar Mahadev you can also express your valuable opinion here.

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