Amul Mohantal Review: Is Amul's Mohanthal edible? Amul Mithai/Sweet Product

Amul Mohantal Review: Is Amul’s Mohanthal Edible? Amul Mithai/Sweet Product

  • Amul Company periodically launches different products for its valued customers.
  • Recently in Rakshabandhan I ate some mithai product of Amul.
  • So I thought I would tell you about Amul Mithai product (Mohanthal) Review.
  • It is important to read the review before buying any food item or product.
  • So that after buying the product, it does not happen that “it would be better to read the review before buying the product.”
  • So today let us know the review, rating, price, ingredients of Amul Mohanthal, can Amul sweets/mithai be used to sweeten the mouth on the day of festival ?, information of Amul company … etc …

1) Introduction Of Amul Mithai Products

  • Amul is the largest dairy company in India.
  • In India, about 60 to 70 percent of people start their morning with Amul milk.
  • However, Amul’s products are widely sold all over India and Amul is trusted company.
  • Any festival is celebrated with sweets so Amul Company periodically presents a variety of beautiful dessert/sweet products to the customer.
  • A variety of confectionery products made by Amul Company: –
  1. Amul Mohantal
  2. Amul Kaju Katli
  3. Amul Shrikhand
  4. Amul Basundi
  5. Amul Gulab Jamun
  6. Amul Ladoo
  7. Amul Rabri

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Taste – 8/10

Quality – 8.2/10

Quantity – 9/10

Price (Value for money) – 9/10

Overall Experience – 8.7/10

3) About Amul Mohantal

  • Amul Mohanthal I love to eat and it tastes great too.
  • But most people do not use Amul’s sweets to buy sweets.
  • Because a company sells a “lot of its products to the customer, there must be a defect in one of these products.”
  • This is because the company does not pay equal attention to all its products.

4) About Amul Company & Amul Products

  • The Amul Company was founded by Tribhuvandas Patel in the 19th century(1946).
  • The company was first established in Anand and Anand is now the headquarters of the company.
  • There will be hardly any people in India who will be deprived of Amul products, most of indian people will have to use Amul products during the day.
  • Amul Company is the most well known and largest company for milk production not only in India but all over the world.

Various products of Amul: –

  • Milk, Ice cream, Buttermilk, Puffles, Butter, Shrikhand, Basundi, Choco, Cheese, Paneer, Panchamrit, Bread spreads, Fresh Cream, Dahi, Roti softner, Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Happy treats, Chocolates, Sour cream …

5) My Opinion On Amul Mohantal

  • Amul Mohanthal is good in the test.
  • But as I said earlier, “if a company starts manufacturing a lot of products, Then many products may be defective.”
  • Which is why I do not suggest you to use Amul Mohanthal in sweets.
  • I use Jai Hind sweet, Gwalior sweet or jodhpur sweet to eat Mohanthal.

If you too have eaten Amul Mohanthal or you would like to say something about any of Amul’s desserts/sweets, then you too can definitely give your valuable opinion.

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