Saputara Review: Best Hill Station In Gujarat - Best Time To Visit Saputara - Saputara Weather

(Updated 2022) Saputara Hill Station Hotels and Resorts

  • The oldest and best known hill station in Gujarat is Saputara Hill Station.
  • Saputara is a small village located in South Gujarat.
  • However, the beauty of this village is due to the Saputara hill station.
  • Truly a hill station is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty.
  • And this hill station is something unique.
  • So let us know about Saputara Hill Station Location, Review, Rating, Rope way, Saputara’s beautiful weather/climate, Lake, night life, sunset point, market, the right time to visit Saputara, beautiful saputara’s natural photos and much more…
  • And along with this I will also share with you my own personal experience of this Hill Station.

1) Introduction Of Saputara Hill Station

  • Saputara is a small village in Dang district.
  • Saputara Hill Station is situated at an altitude of 3000 feet and this village is spread over 8000 square meters.
  • Saputara is mainly known for the following attractions:
  1. Saputara hill station
  2. Saputara valley
  3. Nageshwar temple
  4. Boating at Saputara
  5. Best sunset point

2) Description of my trip to Saputara Hill Station

  • I went to Saputara in the year 2017 with my friends.
  • Thus Saputara cannot be described in words as it is a little difficult to describe in words the natural mountains and scenic views.
  • First we went up a very high road through a sloping road, this is where the Rope way(Udan Khatola) are.
  • Then we sat in the flying cot and went to the opposite side of the mountain.
  • But the atmosphere is somewhat different when we sit in a flying chair.
  • I still can’t forget the beautiful scenery from a height of three thousand feet.
  • After reaching opposite side, all of us friends enjoyed lemon soda.
  • The biggest feature of Saputara is that when you climb a mountain, the pleasure of taking photos is something unique.
  • Only when we climb the 3000 feet height and sit in solitude do we realize “how much God have created this vast creation by thinking and understanding!
  • If you also have to go to Saputara in future, come with a DSLR camera so that the scenic views of nature can be captured in the camera.

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(Updated 2022) Saputara Hill Station Hotels and Resorts

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3) Best time to visit Saputara and Saputara weather/atmosphere

  • In my opinion this Hill Station should be visited during the monsoon period.
  • And not only this hill station but any hill station should be chosen as the monsoon season.
  • Because in the monsoon, “along with the beautiful fun rain, the enjoyment of the natural scenery is something different.”
  • The atmosphere of Saputara is very wonderful and captivating.
  • But in my opinion if you choose to go there in the summer you will be annoyed by the heat.
  • Until then, choose winter or monsoon season to go to the hill station.

4) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Weather – 10/10

Price (Value for money) – 9/10

Enjoyment – 10/10

Natural Beauty – 10/10

Overall Experience – 10/10

5) My Opinion

  • After reading the above points in detail, you must have realized what Saputara Hill Station will be like!
  • Saputara is a great place in Gujarat to see a truly wonderful and captivating landscape.

If you too have been to this Hill Station or you would like to say something about this Hill Station you can also describe your valuable opinion here.

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