Jassi De Parathe (Ahmedabad) Review, Menu, Price, Food & Contact Number

Jassi De Parathe (Ahmedabad) Review, Menu, Price, Food & Contact Number

  • Where should Gujaratis go to taste Punjabi Food?
  • Thinking of the topic, Jaswinder Kaur started the start-up of Punjabi Food in the Satellite Area in Ahmedabad in 2003.
  • So let us know Jassi de Parathe Ahme Review, Rating, Food, Menu & Price, Service, Contact Number, Branches and Much More.

1) Introduction Of Jassi De Parathe

  • Hearing the name Jassi De Parathe(Ahmedabad), you may have guessed that this restaurant will specialize in making parathas.
  • But this restaurant specializes not only in making parathas but also in making many items like Punjabi vegetables, biryani, lassi, dal makhni.
  • In fact, after visiting this restaurant, it seems as if you have arrived in Punjab!
  • Because looking at the style, arrangement and atmosphere of this restaurant, it seems to you that you are actually going to Punjab and eating.
Jassi De Parathe (Ahmedabad) Review, Menu, Price, Food & Contact Number
  • Hardly anyone has heard the name of this famous 17 year old Punjabi restaurant!
  • The food at this hotel as well as its service is very fast & tidy.

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Taste – 9.8/10

Service – 10/10

Price(Value for money) – 8/10

Overall Experience – 8.5/10

3) Jassi De Parathe(Ahmedabad): Menu & Price

ItemPrice Range
Kuchh Thanda Ho Jaye70 to 210/-
Soup105 to 110/-
Chaat Aur Kababs120 to 240/-
Salad Aur Raite80 to 130/-
Sabjiyaan200 to 290/-
Bhune Masale Di Sabjiyaan240 to 280/-
Dal 190 to 240/-
Chawal 150 to 270/-
Rotti – Shotti20 to 150/-
Papad20 to 45/-
Aloo De Parathe160 to 195/-
Gobhi De Parathe175 to 195/-
Pyaz De Parathe165 to 195/-
Mooli De Parathe175 to 205/-
Lasan De Parathe175 to 200/-
Paneer De Parathe185 to 205/-
Sabji De Parathe180 to 200/-
Mushroom De Parathe220 to 230/-
Kale Chane De Parathe175 to 195/-
Mutter De Parathe180 to 200/-
Rajma De Parathe185 to 200/-
Makai De Parathe175 to 200/-
Tamatar De Parathe185 to 200/-
Kuchh Khaas Parathe185 to 200/-
Combo Dishes210 to 280/-

4) Contact Information of Jassi De Parathe Ahmedabad

Branches :- Prahladnagar(Ahmedabad), Naranpura(Ahmedabad), Odhav(Ahmedabad), Vastrapur(Ahmedabad), Rajkot, Vadodara, Anand

5) My Opinion On Jassi De Parathe

  • I have often eaten at the Shashtrinagar branch of jassi de parathe Ahmedabad.
  • And my special menu is Patiala lassi, Paneer Tika Dry, Dum Biryani and Dal Makhni.
  • But I feel like just going to test in this restaurant because the price of dining in this restaurant is very high.
  • So sometimes you should just go for a test, but if you want to eat on a full stomach, I would suggest you to take a fix lunch.

If you have been to jassi de parathe (Ahmedabad) before, you too can give your valuable opinion.

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