Anand Fast Food(Ankur) Review, Food, Menu, Price & Contact Number

Anand Fast Food(Ankur) Review, Food, Menu, Price & Contact Number – Ahmedabad

  • People living in Ankur, Naranpura, Chanakyapuri, Ghatlodia & Shashtrinagar must have heard the name Anand fast food.
  • And not only that, many people must have tasted the food there.
  • Today we are going to talk about Anand Fast Food, which is located in Ankur area in Ahmedabad.
  • So let us know about Anand Fast Food Ahmedabad review, rating, sandwich, Anand’s special sandwich, grill, dabeli, Vadapav, Cold Coffee, panipuri and many other items ….

1) Introduction of Anand fast food Ankur Ahmedabad

  • Anand fast food, which has been famous for the last ten years, is now in the hearts of the people
  • Because when you go and stand there, you get almost all the items to eat.
  • And especially if the specialty of fast food sandwiches is something different.
  • Pineapple mix + Cadbury Sandwich is very famous for breakfast!
  • And at the same time the pizza and other items from there are also marvelous.
  • But one thing is bad there: There is no arrangement to sit and eat!
  • The biggest pleasure is the drawback of fast food.
  • However, ‘if they manages to sit in fast food, it will be excellent.’

2) Anand Fast Food Ankur (Ahmedabad) Menu, Price & Contact Number

Menu & Price

ItemsPrice Range
All Types Of Sandwiches20 to 135/-
Jumbo Sandwiches135 to 160/-
Bhel, Maskabun, Puff25 to 95/-
Dabeli24 to 64/-
Vadapav24 to 54/-
Jain Items25 to 54/-
Pizza90 to 105/-
Hot dog & Burger 60 to 90/-
Open Toast90 to 125/-
Panipuri20 to 60/-
Milk Shake50 to 80/-
Lassi45 to 70/-

Contact Number

3) Special Ratings By Review Duniya

Taste – 8.9/10

Price(Value for money) – 8.1/10

Service – Self Service

Atmosphere – 5/10

4) My Opinion On Anand Fast Food Ankur – Ahmedabad

  • I have been enjoying Anand fast food for almost the last six years.
  • And whenever I cross this road, “I definitely take advantage of the Delicious Food.”
  • And this is not just a branch, but in front of it is Anand Dal Vada and Anand Bhajipav and Pulav in Shastringar – it is also their branches.
  • Really if you pass by the road of Shastrinnagar or Ankur taste the sandwich here as well as the cold coffee.

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