Manek Chowk in 2021

[REVIEW] What Is Famous Food In Manekchowk? – Ahmedabad Best Food Place

  • Here we are going to talk to you about the different types of food of Manekchowk as well as its Reviews, Service, Menu, Best Dishes and Many More …
  • Praised as the best food and the best quality for the last many years, this Manekchowk is “famous not only in Ahmedabad but all over Gujarat.”
  • Today we are going to talk to you about the oldest, best known and best tasting food in Ahmedabad.

1) Introduction of Manek Chowk Food

  • The biggest feature of Manek Chowk Food, which is booming for dinner at night, is that there is a huge trade in gold, silver and diamonds in the morning.
  • But not only that, you will be surprised to know that for the second largest gold-silver trade in all of India.
  • “When you come to Manek chowk in the morning, you never feel like there will be a food market here at night!

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2) Best Food Items & Super food dishes, which you must eat by going to Manekchok

Ghugra Sandwich

Gwalior Masala Dosa


Paneer Chili

Hot Dog

Rajwadi Chaas

Punjabi Food


Tawa Icecream


Ice Cream Sandwich

Double Cheese Pizza

Gotala Dosa

Jamun Shots

Cheese Bhajipav

Fafda Jalebi


Choklate Sandwich


Haidrabadi Pulav

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

  • Food – 8.8/10
  • Service – 7.5/10
  • Atmosphere – 7/10
  • Purity – 9/10
  • Overall Experience – 8.5/10

4) Amazing Facts Of Manekchowk Food

  • The Manekchowk, which is throbbing for the food and drink market at night, starts at 8 pm and runs till 2 or 3 am.
  • From Monday to Friday, Manekchowk has a normal crowd, while Saturday-Sunday is so crowded that you have to wait half an hour to eat.
  • Despite all this crowd, the surprising thing is that the people working in Manekchowk are in harmony!
  • Because in Manek Chowk “you can sit at the table for dinner and order food from any place from your place and not only that you have to pay the bill of the food to the owner of the place where you are sitting at the table.”
  • Then all the money is managed by the Food Owners in harmony.

5) My Opinion On Manekchowk Food

  • I am a fan of Manekchok food.
  • I must go to Manekchowk to taste the food once in two weeks & I really like the quality, purity and fast service of the food there.
  • If you also go to Manek Chowk Food one day so all I have to say is don’t go Saturday-Sunday. (Go Only Mon to Fri)
  • And I love Manekchowk’s Ghughra Sandwich and Gwalior Masala Dhosa.

If you have also tasted manekchok food then you can write your valuable Opinion/Experience here.

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