So let us know Honest Restaurant's Review, Rating, Images, Price, Menu, Branches, Owner, Founder,Wiki, Website, Franchise, Food Quality and Quantity, Contact Number etc ..

Honest Restaurant Review: Honest Restaurant Provide Less Quantity Food To The People

  • The years old and well-known Honest restaurant was trustworthy for customers “but not now!”
  • When a person starts earning more money in his business or job, He has a strong desire to make money, and “he/she can do anything bad to make money!”
  • Something similar happened today in a Honest restaurant with me.
  • The quality of the food as well as the quantity of the restaurant must be taken into consideration.
  • There were both good and bad incidents at Honest Restaurant with me, which I will tell you through this article.
  • So let us know Honest Restaurant’s Review, Rating, Images, Price, Menu, Branches, Owner, Founder,Wiki, Website, Franchise, Food Quality and Quantity, Contact Number etc ..

1) Quick Update

Name Honest Restaurant
Is it good to dine at an Honest Restaurant?65%(Okay)
Price600/- (2 persons)
Available FoodBhaji pav
Punjabi Food
Baked Dish
Fixed Meals
(NOTE – If you can find so many things in any hotel, then there must be a FAULT in something)
Founder/owner Vijay R. Gupta
Branches(Country wise) India
Outdoor catering
Website/Contact Number
Franchise CostINR 1,00,000 (Almost)

2) Bad incident built with me in Honest Restaurant

  • All restaurants were closed for several months due to the coronavirus.
  • Finally at the end of four months I went with my family to dine at honest restaurant in August.
  • I have nothing to do with food quality but seeing the food quantity of honest restaurant made me feel very bad.
  • Customers who come to dine at such a large reputed restaurant are cheated by taking a simple thing.
  • When we went to the restaurant we ordered Punjabi vegetables, paneer chilli dry and other items.
  • But when the Punjabi vegetable came to our dinner table, I was very happy to see it because the bowl of Punjabi vegetables was very big.
  • Then slowly as I started eating “I started to realize that this is not just a big bowl of Punjabi vegetables but very little vegetable inside.”
  • The same thing happened in paneer chilli dry, So now I have lost faith in Honest Restaurant.

3) Some good things about Honest Restaurant

  • Honest Restaurant have use all the ingredients and spices used in the preparation of a meal by a own self.
  • They serve customers in disposable dishes and bowls during coronavirus epidemics.
  • The food quality of Honest Restaurant is very excellent, but I have lost faith in this restaurant as they give less food Quantity.

4) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Food Quality – 9/10

Food Quantity – 4/10

Taste – 8/10

Price (Value for money) – 7/10

Overall Experience – 7/10

5) My Opinion

  • Honest restaurants offer less food quantity but at the same time the price of food is also very high.
  • When I went to dine, the bill for only four people was 1350 rupees (from this you can guess what the price of dining in a restaurant will be !!)
  • In many respects the restaurant should pay attention, and also check the reviews of the customers!

You can also describe if you have been to Honest Restaurant or if you want to say something about Honest Restaurant you also give your valuable feedback here.

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