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Sahastralinga Lake (Patan) Review & History – Best Indian Oldest Lake!

  • The oldest and most famous place of Gujarat State is Sahastralinga Lake(Talav).
  • Thousands of years old Sahastralinga Lake is a really special.
  • This place was named Sahastralinga, because 1008 Shivlings were built around the lake.
  • This lake was artificially constructed by Siddharraj Jai Singh during the Chalukya dynasty.
  • So let us know today the specialty, review, rating, history, current status, timing, price, contact information and many more of Patan’s Sahastralinga Lake …

1) Information / History Of Sahastralinga Lake

  • Sahastralinga Lake was built by King Siddharraj Jai Singh. (1094 – 1144 A.D.)
  • The lake was constructed in such a way that at that time it was called the largest artificial lake in the whole world.
  • There is also a myth about the construction of this lake:
  • At a time when the work on the lake was about to begin, King Siddharth Jai Singh proposed to a woman named Jasma Odhan to marry him.
  • But the woman was already married.
  • Therefore, Jashma Odhan rejected the marriage proposal against Siddharraj Jaisingh.
  • So in a fit of rage, Siddharth Raj Singh killed her husband.
  • Jasma Odhan was very shocked by this, so she cursed Siddharraj Jaysingh that there would be no water come in Sahastralinga Lake at all.
  • But with the passage of time, due to some efforts of the Dalit community, water started coming.

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Entertainment – 7/10

Fossils – 10/10

Water management – 10/10

Atmosphere – 9.3/10

Overall Experience – 9/10

3) Current Situation Of Sahastralinga Lake

  • At present, only fossils remain at this place.
  • Only the remains of the Shivlings that were built around the lake can be seen.
  • But the Gujarat government has created huge and beautiful gardens to enhance the beauty of this lake.
  • It is said that the beautifulness of this lake was as it is till the 16th century but for some reason these remains were wiped out by someone.
  • The method of managing the water of Sahastralinga Lake was also somewhat unique.
  • However in earlier times the water here used to come through the river Saraswati.
  • A beautiful museum has also been set up here.

Time – 6 AM – 6 PM

Ticket Price – FREE


4) My Opinion On Sahastralinga Lake

  • This Place is a beautiful example of old relics and water management.
  • Really must see this place at least once.
  • However, at present, the beautifulness of this lake has been greatly increased by the Gujarat government, so that you will like the atmosphere there!

If you too have been to Sahastralinga Lake or would like to say something about this place, you can also give your valuable opinion here.

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